Sex with friends

We had heard the reviews. We knew it had been roundly panned, but we planned a girl’s night to see Sex and the City 2. We had done the same for the first and had a great time. My best friend had smuggled in water bottles filled with cosmos and plastic champagne glasses. Last night was a repeat performance. It ended up just being three of us as two canceled at the last minute. Thus cosmos for five became more cosmos for three.

While I am certain the amount of vodka consumed assisted in my enjoyment of the movie, it was more than that. The movie is nothing more than a reunion with a TV show. I never was an avid fan, but I it was a good show. I don’t know if you can say the movie is a “good movie”, but it was a fun movie. There are some redeeming features – the fact that it deals with aging is one of the best. Most of that falls to Samantha, at least the part that is spoken. However, all of them are older in this movie whether they address it or not. Making the movie is a commentary in and of itself. Aging girls still want to have fun and even vapid consumerist can have moments of depth. But, the scene that made it work for me was the one in which Miranda and Charlotte get hammered discussing how hard it is to be a mom. My boy is not a crying two-year-old, but there are times that I too want to go in the closet and cry.

More than sex, the show and movies were always more about friendship and that is what last night was as well. It was sitting in an empty theater after the movie is over and the lights are on, telling my best friend to date the guy that is nice. It is ok, he doesn’t have to be cute to anyone but you. Compare and contrast to the ex that two years later you can’t let go of and who still breaks your heart at every chance. It is a bitch session in the lobby. It is hugging and consoling as people buy popcorn. It is laughing at our sentimental selves as we leave and go our separate ways. It is remembering not to take all of it for granted.


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