Really Faux News

From Huff Post: Fox News video of President Obama’s speech this weekend at West Point omits cadets’ applause after the President discussed ending the Iraq War. “WestPt cadets applaud Obama, FoxNews alters tape 2 remove applause,” Michael Moore tweeted.

I watched the video from the White House site of the speech.  There is clearly sustained applause during this portion of the speech.  Huff Post allows that maybe Fox used a direct feed from the Presidents mic.  I will allow that all the cadets had on gloves and thus his mic might not have picked up the applause.  I think these are generous concessions if I say so myself.  Let me now note that on the White House video you do hear the cadets clapping with their gloves, but you also hear those on the dais clapping as well – without gloves and loudly.

All that said, this cannot be anything but Faux News.  This is pure spin for those who get their news from Fox.  It is nothing but an attempt to make it look like there was dead silence when he says our time in Iraq will end.  That is simply distorting facts.  If this was a one time event, you might just roll your eyes.  Unfortunately, this is consistent with the Fox News model.

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