When people treat their dogs like people…

I remember being a young girl and hearing my parents and older family members laugh and just being agog at a friend of a friend who dressed their poodle up in doll clothes and took pictures of him. They thought it was incredibly strange and that the person was just a little bit not normal. That was a long time ago. In the intervening years things have gotten stranger. Now people spend small fortunes on their pet and you can get dog clothes just about everywhere you go. Wal-mart has the typical sweaters and such, but the pet store down the road has a corner of the store dedicated to posh pooch couture. (It reminds me of the Barbie aisle at the toy store – bright pink and rhinestones everywhere.) Frankly, I think it is all ridiculous. I am an avowed non-pet person. If anyone remembers Sam Kinison, he did a bit about a pet psychiatrist who took the ailing dog into his office and said, “YOU’RE A F$%*KING DOG!” That’s me. But, if a person wants to waste their money on that stuff, then, it’s their business.

Unless you cross a line. And, I think this would qualify as crossing the line.

A co-worker told me this story this morning. His wife is an airline attendant and her co-workers told her she missed an incident on her day off. So, for what it is worth… if it is really true it definitely goes down as one of the craziest things I ever heard.

A woman about 50 boarded the plane wearing an infant carrier with a baby facing her chest. They could see the babies little hat – and then realized it was a dog. The woman was carrying her pet on board in a baby papoose. Ok. Strange. But, in flight, they became aware of the fact that the woman had proceeded to breast feed the dog. She made no attempt to conceal this fact. Not knowing exactly what to do, they gave her a blanket to cover the proceedings.


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