Beatrice and Virgil

I love this book by Yann Martel! I loved Life of Pi so I knew I would love it, but it was better than expected.

Normally, I don’t read book reviews – at least not in their entirety because I don’t want to know too much about the story. So, how do I recommend a book without revealing anything that might take away from the experience? How do you talk about something you cannot talk about? Which if you read the book, well, you’ll see.

Actually, I listened to the book. So let me review the narrator, Mark Bramhall. Great. He manages to capture the voices of the two main characters without doing anything so over the top that you are distracted by thinking about him doing a voice or an accent. He pronounced “about” as “aboot” signaling Canadian, but it was mostly subtle.. The other character was older, deeper voice. Old world. Both characters I could see clearly based on his reading regardless of any description in the book. The reading made the book… do I dare say better? Perhaps not, I have not read it. But, it was so enjoyable, I think I will listen to it again, something I rarely do – and never right after I finish.

Oh, but how I want to talk about pears and shirts and black cats!


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