The GOP Census

Wouldn’t you think from all that you have heard from Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck that the Republicans think that censuses are a bad thing?  I mean Bachmann actually seems afraid some one will come get her if she tells the federal government – the government she works for! – how many people live in her house.  Go figure.

So, I was surprised when a co-worker informed me that she had received a census from the GOP!  She claims she is a Democrat and has no idea why they sent it to her.  She showed it to me and I found it rather amusing.  It has her name all over it.  It has a “census tracking number” so they can track her responses.  So, it is alright for a political organization to know all about you but not he federal government – the government that they want to win a majority in.  I just don’t get that logic.

Before the questionnaire, there is a three page letter from Michael Steele.  He says that Obama is greatly expanding the government and the things Pelosi and Reid do are damaging the country.  He says Obama’s real agenda is “massive tax increases, government- run health care, amnesty for illegal aliens, and bigger, more intrusive government.”  After informing Republicans just how horrible things are, then there are four pages of questions to ask them how horrible things are.  Could there be a more poorly designed survey?   Well, poorly designed from a true scientific point of view.  But, if you are looking to get big numbers of people that agree with you, well it is perfectly designed.  Oh, yeah, Republican’s don’t believe in all that sciencey stuff, right?                        (Copy of census below.)

GOP Census


1 Response to “The GOP Census”

  1. April 30, 2010 at 11:42 am

    You’re so right.
    Also, that fake census is illegal.

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