Separation of Church and Work

I have a hard time just keeping my mouth shut and letting things go. Most the time I try to be diplomatic about it, but still just gotta say something. Like yesterday when I was wading through all the emails I had ignored while on vacation and I see an email that has come to me by way of a company group list. The email was from some guy in another office in another city that I don’t know. It went out to people in more than two dozen offices across the country. It was an off forwarded forward of complete and utter bunk about the evils of “universal healthcare”. After a few deep breaths, I replied to him and explained that everyone had different views on this important issue, but if he wanted to send out information company wide he should at least check it first. I attached the Snopes link that pointed out the inaccuracies in his forwarded email. That should have been enough, although I could not stop but explaining how the email was just a scare tactic, that the bill was anything but “universal healthcare” and he had insurance through the company and thus had nothing to fear. I eagerly await his reply that I am most certain will not come.

Then today I get another one that I simply cannot answer. It is not the first time I’ve gotten it, oh no! My boss’ mother sends me emails on occasion – forwards and work related – but her “signature” includes this: “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” ~~ Ecclesiastes 10:2 I simply cannot think of any way to diplomatically say how offensive this is, how I am not a “believer” and I am about as “left” as you could get. Do I add a verse of the Koran or a quote from Buddha to my signature in a passive-aggressive tactic? Or, do I find a nice little gem from Christopher Hitchens or Sam Harris? Where is the line between church and work? Is this sort of like a bumper sticker – just a banner showing which side you are on? When you wave that banner don’t you open up your beliefs to debate or comment? I get all kinds of comments – verbal and gestural – regarding my “Obama 08” sticker on my car. I can’t complain; I chose to put it there. So, can my boss-mama really complain if I respond to her “bumper sticker”?

Do I just let this go? Of course I do, but I don’t like it.


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