Hope Springs Eternal

I did something that I haven’t done in years. I took a real vacation. The family and I left town. I didn’t go by the office to check on the mail. I didn’t call in to check messages. I didn’t answer emails. All of spring break! I also didn’t read news on websites or papers or listen to any newscasts other than what I caught in hotel lobbies and waiting areas of airports. I had no idea how much I needed this.

By yesterday, I was ready to get back into the swing of things – just in time to see the House vote through the health care bills. Throughout the day, I would flip over to CSAN to watch Republicans line up to say “flawed health care bill”. Finally, when I was herding my boy off to bed, it went to a vote. I watched the vote totals inch up like some strange sport and cheered with the House Dems when it hit 216.  I went to tell my boy it had passed.  What this bill means for him and his family in the future will be the subject of debate and, most certainly, scare tactics this fall. But, in concrete terms it means that he can be on my insurance as he finishes college and, gods willing, finds a job before he turns 26. It means that if some medical issue comes up, gods forbid, the insurance company cannot drop him. Eventually it will mean that everyone will need to pay for insurance (or face a fine). That sounds scary to a lot of folks and I honestly can get that. Still, it is simply a shared responsibility no different than everyone on my block paying school taxes whether they have kids or not. It is in the best interest of my neighborhood that all the kids have a good school to go to – better educated kids will have better opportunities, they will have more activities to keep them out of trouble, and they will make higher wages.

As much as anything, I’m glad it is over. It has been so ugly and the behavior of protestors on Saturday was simply frightening. There will still be so much anger and yelling – but it is done. Eventually, the coverage will move on to the next thing. Perhaps this will be like opening the floodgates and other things will just start flowing through congress. Well, hope does spring eternal.


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