Scanning through headlines can be depressing.  You have a Senator Bunning’s adamant stand against federal employees and those who where in need of an extension of unemployment benefits.  There is the constant and persistent argument over healthcare – there is much agreement but one side refuses to even accept that.  All the political wrangling, god, it wears me down.  It seems so hopeless.  Then you have the destruction in Chile and the fading, but still horrific, story of Haiti.

Then a little blurb from Huffington Post made me say “Great!”

“LONDON — The leader of a global Muslim movement has issued a fatwa, or religious edict, that he calls an absolute condemnation of terrorism.

Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, a former Pakistani lawmaker, says the 600-page fatwa bans suicide bombing “without any excuses, any pretexts, or exceptions.”

Tahir-ul-Qadri has issued similar, shorter decrees, but Tuesday’s event in London was publicized by the Quilliam Foundation, a government-funded anti-extremism think tank and drew strong media attention.

The religious scholar is the founder of Minhaj-ul-Quran, a worldwide movement that promotes a nonpolitical, tolerant Islam. The group has hundreds of thousands of followers around the world, most of them in Pakistan or Pakistanis living in other countries.


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