Finally feeling it…

I was out of the office all day Friday and away from home Friday night so I did not get to see the live coverage of the GOP luncheon.  Saturday morning, my alarm went off and the news was on the radio.  First thing I heard was the opening line “The Obama administration will not be trying terror subjects in New York City.”  I screamed.  I was just so angry, so tired of what seems to be giving in to what the other side wants.  I turned off the radio without listening the story.  I swore off the news.  We had to be out of town over the weekend and I didn’t listen or watch any newscast.  By Monday afternoon I was jonesing for some news, but waited to get it from Jon Stewart.  When I saw the clips of the GOP luncheon, I was pissed I had missed it.  I watched it online.  It made me feel so much better!  It is such a novelty to have one person say something completely false and another person, in this case the President, calmly point out that what they said was not true.  It was lovely.  I was feeling it again.  I went back and watched the Sunday morning programs only to hear David Axelrod explain what had happened regarding the trial in New York.  There will be still be trial, but most likely not in NY.  He explained why and put the blame squarely and clearly where it belongs – Bloomberg and the city officials changed their minds.  Wow!  Another novelty!  Plain spoken and direct!  The new tone is finally putting the situation into focus. 

Why has this taken so long?


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