The Speech

The best comment in my house during the speech was from my boy… “I guess they don’t stand up because maybe they’re too old.” 

There might be some truth to that, but I lean towards simple obstructionism.

The speech was good.  Good balance of taking the heat for the setbacks, reiterating where we were a year ago and the progress being made and enough “fight” to those who refuse to do anything.  His pointing out that if everything must take 60 votes, then they too must answer for the lack of progress on anything.  Nice.  Balls in your court.  

Great to hear it finally said from the top down that nothing happens when everyone is simply running for office.  Really seem to try to speak to those disappointed.. although I have a feeling that many simply can’t be reached. 

He also gave the soundbite “We don’t quit.”  Hope it can be a rallying point.

… Just watched the GOP stagecraft.  So good to know that Gov. McDonnell can round up people to clap at all the right places.  It makes it seem that everyone agrees when you hand pick those who attend your speech, no?  He says the GOP  wants the same things, many laid out in Obam’as speech – jobs, healthcare reform, security, etc.   Yet, they want limited governement.  A couple times he mentioned equality of opportunity – how do intened to do that without government involvement?   How does tax cuts help that?  He says GOP has ideas about healthcare, but they are the same tired ideas they keep pushing – tort reform and buying insurance across state lines.  Sorry, but the one page healthcare reform platform just really doesn’t cut it.  And if I hear one more time that we don’t want government to take over the world’s best healthcare system!  Geez!  Which country’s sysem are they talking about?  It isn’t ours, that would be the 37th best.  Not that anyone ever proposed a government take over…  It is same old thing – good spit and polish but nothing to back it up. 

Well, maybe their ideas are just too old to get up and do anything.


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