Kith and Kin

This was a quiet Christmas. Different. Wonderful. The family homestead stood empty, with siblings and extended family snowed in. There were phone calls instead of hugs. Yet, it was a beautiful Christmas. We looked out the windows at our scant dusting of snow that we called a “white Christmas”. The boy attempted to make a few snowballs. My mom and stepdad came over for breakfast and gifts. Just to think last Christmas we were so happy my step-dad had made it to Christmas and we were certain it was his last. He has made such an incredible come back. Watching the boy open his presents was wonderful. We actually surprised him on one thing and the look on his face made the whole day. We all went to our family friend’s house for dinner. It was quiet and relaxed – I didn’t even have to cook! We spent the evening at home, just the three of us. We laughed at each other playing new games on the Wii and cuddled up in our new pj’s and robes to watch Christmas movies late into the night. That’s Christmas. Everything stops. Everything’s closed and it comes down to what is really important. Love and time with kith and kin.


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