The Trouble with (most) Christians

The thing that bugs me most about Christians is their tendency to see things in black and white terms.  It’s always good versus evil or right versus wrong or us versus them.  There is no intermediate ground.  For instance, there are only evil people or good people even though half a second of thought makes it clear to most anyone that we all do good and we all do evil.

I am an agnostic.  I feel no need to defend my position (or to try to convert anyone) but as soon as a hardcore Bible thumper finds out, they want to debate the issue.  More importantly, they always feel I am “against them” or their god.  I am not.   I arrived at my own belief system with much “fear and trembling” just like, I hope, they did.  The fact that I am agnostic does not mean I am anti-Christian.  Why is that so hard to see?  It’s hard to see because Christians see everything as good versus evil…and naturally, they’re the good.

Having those endless, unwanted debates has made me see other irrational or illogical things they do too.  First and foremost, they ignore facts.  If I throw out a fact like “most of the scientists of the world believe in evolution” then the response is usually “that’s not true”, although it is a verifiable fact.  (As an aside I want to say that evolution does not disprove god or vice versa.  Often a Christian will try to make the debate about evolution).

The other thing they do in a debate is decide what conclusion they want to reach then twist and turn facts so as to arrive at the conclusions they seek.  I have had debates where the existence of dinosaur bones was explained as a false history set in place by god just as Jesus turned water to wine – the wine having a history (aging, etc.) even though it was newly made.  Never mind that using one mythical story to support another is illogical.  The point is, that is not following facts to their logical conclusion.  That is twisting facts in any way possible in order to arrive at the conclusions one wants.

I don’t want to remove religion from the world.  The Catholic Church feeds more people than any other organization in the world.  I don’t even care if they go on having a belief system based on myths and legends.  I just want them to leave me alone or bring something to the table when they don’t.


3 Responses to “The Trouble with (most) Christians”

  1. December 17, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    The only black and white thing here is your view of christians.

  2. 2 jon
    April 15, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    You’re right, in one sense. I am describing ONLY the christians who choose to argue with me. Thanks for not being one.

  3. 3 Jon
    May 21, 2010 at 10:47 am


    I really need to apologize to “most” Christians.

    I post here, every once in a while, to get something off my chest. To bitch. I recently had not one but two run-ins with fundamentalist assholes and came here to purge my soul. I still feel the same aggravation with them that I did but I WAS TOTALLY WRONG TO LUMP ALL CHRISTIANS TOGETHER AS CLOSED-MINDED. It was just two guys. I’m sorry. I know lots of good Chrisians – after all, I live in America, right?

    I still hate those two closed-minded pricks though.

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