Pigskin Justice

Here is one for the “Really?” category.

The owner of the Tennessee Titans got fined $250,000 by the NFL for an obscene gesture. That’s a quarter of a million for flipping the bird to some Buffalo fans after his team had won. Now, I’m not saying it was a good thing or that it was appropriate, but, really! He is an 86-year-old man just pumped and excited that his team beat a rival team. It wasn’t like he was threatening anyone.

The NFL has taken its conduct policy more seriously the last few years under Commissioner Goodell and I understand that you cannot condone an old dude flipping the bird, but it seems a little extreme. Especially since a coach that was involved in a scuffle with an opposing player during a game only was fined $15,000. Not that I think he should have been fined more, that amount is in line with other fines given to players. Now let’s contrast both of those fines for relatively minor events – and again I call an “obscene hand gesture” extremely minor – with Tom Cable in Oakland. He hit an assistant coach and broke his jaw. The League takes cover behind the Napa County DA deciding not to press charges. Then this same coach has an ex-wife and ex-girlfriend come forward to say he was abusive to them. He even admits that he hit his first wife (open handed). There is a police report on one incident with the ex-girlfriend from this January. Yet, his fine? He hasn’t been.

So, hand gesture – $250,000. A history of abuse against female partners and an assistant coach with a broken jaw – well, you just can’t fine a guy for allegations.


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