Go Jump in a lake, Will!

I got the latest Newsweek a few days ago. As usual, I tried to make myself read George Will’s opinion piece. Normally, I get about halfway through before I can’t take any more of his pomposity and turn the page. Still, I try to get opposing opinions and generally he seems to be an intelligent man. This week, though, I made it all the way through and was stunned to discover he is a global-climate-change denier. Now every major scientist in the world agrees that the level of carbon in the air is reaching a critical point that will cause disastrous climate changes, yet Will’s opinion is that it is all hooey and he will look down his nose at anyone who dares disagree with him. Really, Will? Well, go jump in a lake. Better yet, jump in the ocean – and don’t worry, it is coming to you.

A new study is showing that glaciers don’t necessarily move at a glacial pace, the glaciers in Greenland are sliding twice as fast as normal, sliding ice sheets, lubricated by melt water, heading on toward the ocean. There is enough ice in Greenland to raise sea levels 17 feet.


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