I don’t like Stan

You always see guys like Stan in movies or on TV but it never crosses your mind that there might really be people like that.

My wife’s phone is supplied by her work so mine is on the same network.  When her company switched to AT&T, I naturally switched also.  We decided to take this opportunity to get our son a phone also.  My wife scoped out their plans online then we went to the AT&T store.  The minute we walked in the door we were accosted by Stan, clipboard in hand.  He asked what we were looking for and, before we could answer, he asked her what her plan was and what her name was.  I cut in and told him that we just wanted to look at phones right now.  He wanted her phone number and she explained that she wasn’t getting a phone, she had one.  He wanted to know what her phone was.  She told him.  He still wanted a number.  She gave him mine.  He had this obnoxious habit of being in your personal space.  It was claustrophobic.

As we went to the phones he wanted, again, to know what plan we had.  My wife, exasperated already, explained that WE had NO plan but that her company had a plan and we were switching me to that plan.  My wife works for a prominent local company so he wanted to know what she did there.  She answered only vaguely – an answer I knew meant that it was none of his business – and we ran him off long enough to look at phones.  He was disheartened when we told him we wanted just basic phones.

He went to his computer and looked up plans and phones.  When she explained that she’d seen free phones online, he pulled up the page and the free phones were on the top of the page.  He scrolled down and she told him to scroll up, please.  He ignored her.  She asked again.  Finally one of the other employees explained that the free phones were discontinued phones, could be ordered (they didn’t have any in the store) but that accessories , like chargers, might be hard to find.  Fair enough.

Stan had now moved to the website of our former carrier, and wanted her to log in to get the account number, a necessary step to change my phone over.  He was talking faster and being more insistent by the minute.  My wife explained that she did not know her password as she never visited it.  He asked her to take a seat in front of the computer and try to log on.  She did but was unable. Undaunted, he said, “why don’t you call customer service?  It’ll only take 2 minutes”.  She informed him it never took just 2 minutes to call customer service.  He was standing over her shoulder and he was actually getting impatient with her!

She said, “You know what?  We have to go pick up our son.  Why don’t we do this tomorrow?”  I winced.  I could see she’d had all she was going to take.  Stan countered with, “How about I set you up with two phones with temporary numbers then…” She cut him off and said ,”No.  We’ll come back”.  Before letting us go, he insisted on giving us his card and circling his name.  I couldn’t help but think that surely he knew we would never do business with him.  Was he that thick?!  On the way out I said, not quite under my breath, “I don’t like Stan very much.”  Except, I think there were actually some expletives involved.

Once in the car, my wife used her phone to look up the location of another AT&T store – one without Stan.   She said we would go there tomorrow and get phones.

But the story doesn’t end there.  Today, Stan called me and wanted to know when we were coming in!  I told him I didn’t know; we were busy.  He said, “You have my information, right?”  I assured him I did.  He added that he wondered what he needed to do to “get us onboard”.  I hung up.

Stan aside, we don’t even want to be with AT&T but it makes the most economic sense for our family.  Ironically, we ended our phone service at our home with them about the same time we found out my wife would be getting her work phone through AT&T.  We had wanted to cut ties with them because they donate heavily to the Republican party.  Again, it came down to the best deal for us.  We ended up getting our phones at another store and learned why Stan felt the need to be so aggressive.  There are strip centers on every corner of the intersection and in three of the four there are AT&T stores.  Three stores within blocks!

I can’t wait for Stan to call me again so I can tell him I went across the street.


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