Thankful, but wondering if it couldn’t be better

In such a difficult job market, I wake up every day thankful I have a job. Very thankful. My husband leaves the house at night and is thankful every night he has a job. We get it. We’re fortunate.

Still, he works at night. I work in the day. I work Saturdays. He works Saturday night – which means he sleeps most of Sunday. By the time he is up, my weekend is, for all intents and purposes, over. Our son and I go to bed Sunday night in order to get up Monday morning to start all over again – just as my husband is starting his weekend. We make it work. We look at the bright side of things, such as; he is home when our son gets home from school. He is up in the afternoons to take him to practice when I have to be at work. It works. Things are good.

Still. No weekends together, while we understand it is a luxury, would be nice. I was off work this Saturday and he took off work. He had to work extra to get someone to work for him and it cost him a day’s pay for our family to have 48 hours together. We spent it camping, in the middle of nowhere, no phones, no TV, no distractions except a campfire and smores. It was the best weekend. I feel buoyed by it, like I have something to hold on to for a while.

Thinking about this: How we have nothing to complain about. How important the weekend was. I began to wonder if what I thought of as a luxury – time together – wasn’t really more of a necessity. We need our jobs. We have to work. We want to provide our son with a good life and save for his college. We want to put a little away in the thoughts we will retire at some point. Still, what are our priorities here? My husband works in a position where they have had a difficult time keeping anyone. People work there and then quit. Gee, I wonder why. Wednesday through Saturday at night (10 hour shifts). It eliminates the weekend and makes family or social life difficult. Still, that is the way the schedule is set and they would never consider altering it – they will just keep the revolving door open where they train a person, the person works, the person quits, they train another person. Except now, with the job market so difficult, they will keep the employ and he will just be miserable. He is happy to have it after being laid off due to downsizing. But is it sustainable?

Couldn’t it be better?

Everyone, no matter how lucky they know they are, no matter how thankful, can use a break. Just a weekend here or there.


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