Give peace a chance

No one will just come right out and say it, but everyone knows it. Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because he is not George W. Bush. People will say he has not accomplished anything, just like the SNL check-list bit. True enough, a lot of things he has started have not been completed. You have the others out there ā€“ the birthers, the Glen Beck watchers and those that think he is the anti-christ ā€“ who will be seething about this honor. But nothing is going to change those people’s opinion of him short of the second coming.

Then you have the rest of us. Things have changed over the last nine months. Heads of state are actually talking to each other. There has been cooperation and coordination in dealing with the financial crisis. We are actually getting along with France instead of having “Freedom Fries” for lunch. We’re talking to Russia about reducing nuclear weapon stocks. We are engaging in dialog with Iran. Obama is not making slightly veiled threats to Iran in speeches ā€“ he is talking to them. He is not calling people out as part of an axis of evil. As far as I know, I don’t think he has used the word evil. He hasn’t used the word “crusade” as Bush did. He hasn’t used verbal riffs that apparently were sampled from a church hymnal like Bush did on numerous occasions. Maybe that doesn’t seem like much to you, but changing the global Zeitgeist to one where optimism is possible is kind of a big deal.

The last guy broke the world, so by comparison the new guy looks amazing.

This will set the bar high for Obama and many will point out every step of the way that he has failed to live up to it. They feel that way now and they will fight to be sure that nothing gets done off that check list. There are others though, both here and abroad, that will see this as added cache and perhaps be motivated just a little bit more.


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