Double Standards

Watching Meet the Press today, I got mad.  (Not that that is unusual.)  I can’t stand the double standards.  The Republicans are in the streets with signs that compare Obama to Hitler and allude to violence.  They scare people by saying the government wants to kill your grandmother.  Some Confederate Flag supporting congressman yells at the President.  Then you have a Democrat be provocative on the House floor by saying the Republican healthcare plan is “Die Quickly” and compares the uninsured to the Holocaust.  That, not all the Republican craziness, signals the end of civility?  Please.  Yes, it the Holocaust comparison crosses a line.  He apologized.  Still, you cannot say that this incident even remotely compares to what is happening on the other side. 

But, what do expect from a show that is sponsored by an ad featuring children in school saying the pledge of allegiance to enormous debt and higher taxes? 


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