Good News

I was so happy to see the journalist come down those steps this morning. I’ve needed some good news. I am still cloistered away at a conference where the gentlemen in the next “office” favor watching Faux News. Further, our “offices” are divided by a curtain and they apparently appear to be near deaf. For days I have heard nothing but negative reports on everything the current administration is doing. So, the respite I had this morning to run a little on the treadmill while watching the coverage of Ling and Lee on CNN was heightened by the more positive tone. Yet, the welcome was barely over before the postulating began. Did we give up too much by having a former president go to North Korea? Well, no. Seriously, what did we give up? Our appearance that we only do things with guns blazing? Did we show weakness because we actually achieved our objectives with mere words? Heaven forbid!

Already the story is turning. It is not about an accomplishment, a happy homecoming. Now it is whether Bill showed up Hillary or the postulating about the tactic. Can’t we just say “Yeah!” and go on? Can’t we point out that this is a positive thing, that maybe a productive dialogue could occur even with North Korea. Can’t we focus on the fact that Bill saw Kim Jon Il face to face and can best report on his health and mental state that we have wondered about since his supposed stroke? A lot of good things happened. The administration used a lot of tools to get it done and not one weapon. Positive things can happen and they may lead to more positive things. If only they could be covered that way.


1 Response to “Good News”

  1. 1 N2Blues
    August 6, 2009 at 9:50 am

    I have to agree with you on this. For me, all that matters are positive results achieved in a respectful, legal way.

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