Dinner with my Republican Friends

I have been on “vacation” the last couple weeks.  I use the term lightly because as I did not leave the country or anywhere for that matter, I remain on call.  What it does mean is that I am not in front of my computer twelve hours a day getting all the up to date information.  This is a standard problem when I am off work.  I miss the news, but normally I find I can keep up with most everything simply through what is floating out there in the Zeitgeist.  This time, not so much.  Unfortunately, my time off from work and my constant news feed coincided with Michael Jackson’s death.  When I had a few minutes to catch up, I would turn on CNN or any of the stations and hear nothing but MJ.  I feel completely out of the loop.


Likewise, I have been out of the loop with my social network.  We have been hither and yon and pretty incommunicado.  So, when we were invited to dinner with our group, we jumped at the chance.  I looked forward to being with friends and catching up.  As the case was, we had that dead zone position at the table.  Perhaps this just is a personal phenomenon, but it always seems there is one end of the table that the conversation never seems to penetrate, that’s where my husband and I were tonight.  There we were, watching our friends through this bubble.  I felt left out and was quite distraught until the  conversation turned to Michael Jackson.  Really?  Cannot I not get away form this story even now?  What about all the other things happening in the world?  It dawned on me that no one at the table would even know who I was talking about if I said Ahmadinejad.  Then a comment was made about the economy and a groan went up about “our government”.  I knew where the conversation was heading and about knocked my chair over heading to the restroom.  When I returned I pleaded with my husband that we could just leave.  He agreed as the conversation had touched on the stimulus package while I was away.  We left them to their desserts and empty calorie conversation.


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