Where were they when we needed them?

Last fall, we all heard how that darn liberal media was giving Barack Obama a pass.  We heard about their love affair with him and how they helped him get elected.  We were warned about them gushing over him instead of asking hard questions during his term.  I found it all very funny, especially the last one.  The media, that fabled Fourth Estate had failed to question the last administration about damn near anything until we were in two ward and heading toward a financial crisis. 


Perhaps it is the problem of expectations, but I have seen no one gushing over Obama.  Mostly it seems they can’t believe everything is not fixed yet.  They have asked the tough questions and been critical, overall, a rather decent job.  It does pique my sensibilities  some as I listen to the media critique the administration because they did such a poor job with the last one, one that was much more dangerous.  Still, I’m glad they question.


Then this morning I turned on the radio to start my day and heard a story on NPR about the jargon the administration uses.  They pointed out the terminology changed from “Toxic Assets” to “Legacy Assets”.   They call out the use of “stakeholders” when courting cooperation and “special interests” when pointing out when they get in the way.  They seemed to like the change of calling torture “torture” instead of “enhanced interrogation”, but they went after “Overseas Contingency Operations” instead of the “War on Terror”, having some expert comment that it was “stupid”.  Really?  That one especially got me.  We didn’t go to Iraq to fight the War on Terror, not really.  That is just what the last administration called it to help greased the machinery to get us over there.  There were no more terrorists in Iraq then than there were WMD’s.   This report just made me crazy.   They even called in Frank Lutz to comment!!!  Frank Fucking Lutz!  Hell, he is the guy that gave us “Death Tax”!  He is the scum ball that helped Team Bush and Republicans stay on talking points with all the language coded just right.  Now NPR calls him to comment on the administration tasked with cleaning up the ungodly mess and how language obfuscates instead of communicates!


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