Who are we

Some times to really see yourself, you have to see yourself through someone else’s eyes.  So, while watching this video, I kept wondering exactly who we are.


And I kept thinking that we are fools.  This is a big country and there is a range of opinions that cover the entire spectrum on all issues including this one.  Still, at our core, don’t most of us know what is really being said regardless of the language being used?  We know that “harsh” or “brutal interrogation techniques” is torture, don’t we?  Or were we not listening when they described water boarding?  Did we not see the simulations and drawings of what it would be like?  Come on, didn’t you wonder what it would be like to go through that when you heard?  If so, surely you also thought it would be torture.  Regardless of what we call it, is that really who we are as a people? 


Or maybe we just didn’t hear the reports.  Maybe we were too busy watching 24 where it is ok to torture and it actually produces results.  Maybe we are already living in Idiocracy where we think that TV is reality.  We already believe that reality TV is reality when it is anything but, so is it that hard to make the jump to over dramatic TV dramas being real too?  Then there is Cheney.  I think he really believes what he says. 


Then there is the media who gives credence to anyone willing to say anything that might cause a buzz but too afraid to call the obvious the truth.  It is the most blessed thing that everyone has a right to state their opinion.  We should not forget, however, that it is also our right – and the media’s duty – to call out those that have no credence and to simply state that there is no proof or fact to support their claim.  If all voices are given equal credence under all circumstances, there is no relevance to the debate. 


There are a gazillion voices on line blogging and tweeting and opinionating on everything under the sun.  It is just so unfortunate that those with the biggest platform often have the least to say and yell it loudly to the lowest common denominator.


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