No Contest near the Hilla

Ok. Have we all heard enough about the dueling security speeches yet?  I have been so frustrated with the coverage.  I didn’t have a chance to see the speeches live, but heard clips of Cheney and read the text of Obama.  I just don’t get the coverage of the speeches.  They act like these guys are even on the same playing field.  Please.

 Dick.  It’s over.  You guys lost.  Defining your policies as successful successful because we have not had another terrorist attack in this country… well, that’s just not the full picture now is it?  The world at large learned to hate us over the last seven years of the Bush administration making terrorism more of a threat than ever before.  All the scowling and menacing talk peppered with 9-11 is just the same tired arguments you have  been pedaling since 9-11. 

 The coverage didn’t seem to reflect what I saw.  What we heard from the news is that each man gave a speech.  The discussion of the content was minimal.  Come on people.  We have one guy arguing for continuing to torture people and another guy saying we should live by the law.  Geez.  I wonder who really has a case and who is just a mental case.  Most disappointing was the three minutes I heard on NPR where they spent considerable time discussing the headline in the paper “Thrilla Near the Hilla”  with the comparison to the Thrilla in Manila.  Please.  There was even discussion about them continuing this debate and selling tickets as if it was some real contest.  It was about as much of a contest as if BHO and Dick in his wheelchair hit the court for a little one on one.  Also disappointing was the Daily Show taking the easy way out for the coverage – splicing BHO and Bush using similar phrasing, but liked the visual of what I’m trying to say here when they showed BHO on the beach and Cheney in his chair.

And for the comic geeks out there – I think we got us a comic guy as Prez.   He said, “Because in our system of checks and balances, someone must always watch over the watchers…”  Alright.  That sounds like a Watchmen reference to me


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