Speaking as someone who really is ugly…

Tonight my husband was catching up on his favorite blog (not mine, I might add!).  He pointed out that even he had a link to the clip of the wonderful Susan Boyle.  My boy asked to see it and my immediate reaction was “no” as if it was some contraband.  We let him watch it and he was as appreciative as he could be seeing as she didn’t sing hip-hop. 


My gut reaction was to shelter him from this because it has seemingly gone so wrong.  Trolling the Huffington Post I saw a title “Should Susan Boyle Get a Makeover?” Later I saw a post about her being an “ugly woman”.  It all seems rather cruel.  She is a middle aged woman from a little village.  She is anything but ugly.  Seeing those headlines, I couldn’t help but feel how hurtful that would be to me.  You have your 15 minutes in the sun followed by being raked over the coals. 


Watching the clip, you can’t help but love her and root for her.  She is the underdog.  She blew them away with her voice and didn’t need to look like a super model to do so.  Wow. What a novelty.  I hope that is what my boy took away from watching that clip.  That maybe talent – or personality, or kindness, or love – can win out over superficiality.


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