Squirrels hump in the spring

Last night my friend mentioned a commentary he read on a blog about the 14-year-old girl who is being charged with child pornography for posting nude photos of herself. We both hardily agreed that it was utterly ridiculous and the consequences were too severe. It is beyond comprehension that a child who is both the perpetrator and victim should have to register as a sex offender the rest of her life.

That is where our agreement ceased. While my friend thought it horrible (and poorly thought out) that girls would do such things, he also thought it was normal. He thought it no different than girls in the 16th century pinching their cheeks to make them rosy as their knight in shining armor road by. After much vociferous debate, he said “squirrels hump in the spring”, it’s what they do. It is a time of raging hormones. (We had just watched an episode of Planet Earth, where in fact squirrels did hump in the spring.) I understand his point. He’s right, puberty is a time of hormones going crazy and it makes kids do crazy and stupid things. Still, my point was that this was beyond merely being crazy for a boy. It seems a symptom of something larger and more sinister. We have moved beyond the ladies of the court vying for the prince and women being judge primarily on if they could bare a male heir through large child bearing hips. But, how far have we progressed? Technology has changed things. Girls can now post nude pictures of themselves or participate in “sexting” or they can get a boob job for their graduation present. Maybe it isn’t that different from girls pining over boys and teasing them by showing a little ankle. Yet, it is so obvious, so crass, that you realize not a lot has changed. My friend, in the end was right. It is normal. In the end, I was right too. It is still a problem that women value themselves by how attractive a male thinks they are. Squirrels hump in the spring and Yoko was right, we make her paint her face and dance.


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