It bugs me when I see the Senators bloviating about spending as they point to those cheesy giant pie charts and graphs. How much to the spend to get those things made up? While we are transferring medical records into the digital age, perhaps we could do the same for the people on the Hill. Ok, I grant that some of these guys have been up there so long that they might not be up to speed on all the latest technology. Still, if McCain can tweet surely Senator Byrd’s staff could help him with a power point.

Was anyone surprised that the Republicans didn’t vote for the budget? This is nothing but a hedge for the next election cycle. They know that the Democrats can pass it on their own, so it is simply a show and a bet that if things don’t immediately get better they can say they voted against the bill. Cowardly. They just don’t get it. All these games, the same tired stunts don’t work. They’re not going to pull the GOP from the brink.

Nancy Pelosi was being interviewed last night and was asked about the approval rating of congress. The question was whether the fact that Obama had such a strong approval rating and that congress had a 40% rating made their agendas different. She was amused and pointed out that they were quite proud of the progress they had made to have the rating up to 40%.

I find myself worrying about how Obama is being received on his World Tour Part Deux. The first one was amazing, thongs of people chanting support, over 100,000 in Germany. He’s done fine, but I much preferred those friendly crowds last year. Still, he has shown leadership and poise. The news worries about what gifts were given and Michelle touching the Queen, but think back. Michelle putting her arm around the Queen was a rather natural move if strictly forbidden by protocol. (Come on, she’s grandmotherly!) But, that is not nearly and cringe worthy as W. rubbing Angela Merkel’s shoulders. We hold the Obama’s to such a high standard and they haven’t really let us down too much, so we forget how far we come. Europe seems to have forgotten too – so I really loved this piece: http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index.jhtml?videoId=222787&title=clusterf#@k-to-the-poor-house


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