Did you watch?

Everyone I run into today has asked me if I watched the President’s press conference last night. I love it. Not only do I get to argue politics with people but people actually watched. Honestly, most of the time no one pays attention to such things. Well, at least that is in our favor. At least people are tuned in.

The press conference was good. He answered the questions and stuck to his points. It is the same thing he has been saying for 2 years. We have to deal with things like healthcare, education and energy. Now, not later. They are the structure we will need to build everything else on. They are real and tangible constructs unlike the financial instruments, the shifting sand, we built everything on previously.

Obama was cool and prepared as always but also showed a little pique. He mentioned several times that he had inherited the mess. I’m less than a cool head – I would have been shouting before it was over, “Jesus, people! I’ve only been in office 64 days!”

The one thing that stuck out to me the most? The questions. One, he knew what he was getting into. He had a list of people he planned to call on and they didn’t pull their punches. If he didn’t answer every part, they came back and asked again until he answered. So, in the end what I was left feeling was slightly deflated. If they had asked those questions with such tenacity over the last eight years, would we be where we are now?

I went from deflated to depressed as I switched from the press conference to Frontline. Frontline answered my question with a firm “no”. Over the hour they showed where we were in 2000 and how we got to where we are now. Not everything was W’s fault, but they made a pretty firm case that he has a huge helping of culpability. They also explain the herculean task that Obama faces in leading us out of this, ending with the chart of where our national debt is heading.

It comes down to this. We want all the perks and to pay nothing. That just won’t work. It’s time we face the hard reality, quit arguing and playing games and just get to work.



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