Letter to my Senators

Just stop. Stop the obstruction and the obfuscation.

Vote for the stimulus plan – or at least stop standing in the way.

You all have already managed to make a mess of it and you have gotten more tax cuts in the bill. So, just let it pass. I understand that you will not vote for it. You can’t because of the R in front of your name. There are two or three that are willing to cast their ballots for the bill from your side and that is all that is needed.

This is not how this should have happened. It should not have come down to the basest form of politics. This is not really about a philosophical difference over tax cuts vs. spending. It is about who will be able to say come campaign season “I didn’t vote for the bill”. It’s a pretty shrewd move. You guys on the right always seem so much better at this stuff than the Democrats. The economy is not going to recover in two years. I think everyone knows that. This is a long haul situation and the deficit is going to go up and things are still not going to be rosy for the mid-term elections. It really is your only shot to win back some seats, isn’t it? But, seriously, how short-sighted can you be? It is the country that is in peril, not your party. If the country goes down in flames because of this economic crisis, what good does it do you to win an election?

So, you all have done your grandstanding. You should have enough sound bites for the mid-terms by now. So, it is time to let it go. I can only hope that at least a majority of people see it for what it is.

And please, stop all this non-sense about how tax cuts helped the economy recover after 9/11. The tax cuts were in place before 9/11. The economy didn’t tank overnight and it didn’t all happen on GWB’s watch, but the tax cuts have done nothing but help the top 1% get richer – and that really helps no one. All the billions we have spent on an ill-advised war haven’t helped matter either.

Please. Just think about what is best for the country.


2 Responses to “Letter to my Senators”

  1. 1 Tom Awtry
    February 9, 2009 at 11:33 am

    Recently President Obama made a comment to members of his staff, after he had only been in office for only ten days; he said he was betting his whole political future and Presidency on his proposed Economic Stimulus Package, now before the senate. A very true statement, but considering the consequential failure that could result if Americans went a trillion dollars in the hole without any results to show for it; President Obama’s presidency would mean very little to us.


  2. 2 jon
    February 13, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    Let us hope then, if not for his sake then for our own, that it works.

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