Can we

It is really hard not to be discouraged. Amid all the horrible things that are going on, we can’t even find competent people who pay their taxes? It is not simply a financial crisis or a crisis of confidence. There is a crisis of leadership. No matter how good he is, Obama can’t do it on his own. The Daschle thing just makes me groan. You need someone that knows the field and you need someone that can deal with congress and get the votes. He seemed like a good choice. Except, no. The tax thing was bad enough, but then he also has financial ties to the health care industry. Is the lobbying circuit that ex-senators, congressmen, etc. are on so endemic that we can’t find anyone? In the grand scheme, a few appointees with issues isn’t that big of a deal. Even when they had the same issue. Makes for quick one-liners for the Republicans, but it isn’t going to be a presidential legacy.

The stimulus package could be a legacy-maker though. But, right now it just seems like it is going to be ripped to shreds and put back together in a way that won’t really be what anyone wants. Compromise is good. Ideological differences are good. That’s not what is going on. When anything gets to the hill, it always is more about what looks good than what is good. What is going to get me reelected? It is like watching a scary movie; I watch with my hands over my eyes and peek through my fingers hoping it is over soon. The killing of the money in the Senate package that would be for highway spending is the one that got to me the most. What are they thinking? It’s Infrastructure that needs repair. There surely are shovel ready issues. 26% of bridges are deficient, surely we could start spending there. The report that came out from the American Society of Civil Engineers tells us that the house is falling down around us, yet it seems we are only concerned about the paint color: red or blue.

And, it’s not just here. It is a global finical crisis after all. Gaza is destroyed. Iran launched a satellite of its own making. North Korea looks ready to test a missile. It’s bad all over and on the cusp of disaster.

There is no easy way out of the mess we have gotten ourselves in. I do think we can do it. Some days, though, it just seems like a Sisyphean task.


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